Making pinhole cameras out of Lyle's golden syrup tins with my parents and developing film in a make-shift darkroom housed inan old stable at my childhood home - those are some of my first memories ofphotography.

From Polaroids, point-and-shoots, grainy film and myvery first Nikon to graduating with a degree in Photojournalism and travellingthe world with my camera, photography has always held a certain curiosityfor me.

My Grandpa was a fantastic photographer, developing photographsmany years ago in a darkroom that would eventually became my Mum'sbedroom. My parents are both eccentrically creative, indulging in art, musicand photography and coming up with hare-brained schemes whenever possible.Their passion, drive and creative curiosity runs in my blood, and has helped mebecome the photographer I am today - relaxed and natural with an imaginationthat tends to run wild - but always awaiting the next adventure.


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